Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Privacy at Last

We built our deck ourselves, 5 years ago when we had a kooky but charming old woman living next door. Her garden was wild with plants, untended but beautiful. Our deck overlooked the riotous color that filled her yard each season. Then she moved. A very nice family moved in and proceeded to take out everything alive from the back yard. In one day, the chainsaw destroyed all that was beautiful back there. Gone were the tall specimen evergreens. Gone were the beautiful maples, whose fall colors were awesome. Gone were the prize azaleas. Even the koi were buried alive in the pond as they filled it in with dirt. All in the name of "neatness". It made me cry everytime I looked over there. Not to mention my pleasure when we sat on the deck eating dinner and the little ones next door would lean out the window and say "what are you having for dinner miss judi?" John has now solved the problem with this wonderful privacy screen he built. Now all I have to do is paint it white. And, the best part is that it made me realize how perfect this part of our deck is for a hot tub!

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Kellan said...

Very nice! I really like it.